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26 March, 2019

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Crown Battles is a third-person team-based combat game with heroes with unique weapons and super attacks. The game main mode is to capture the crown in the middle of the field and hold it for 15 seconds for the win!


Crown Battles is our first game, a 3vs3 battle arena game, where the main goal is to capture a crown in the middle of the battle field. Also, is a hero shooter game with unique weapons and special abilites. The game is available worldwide for Android devices.


  • 3vs3 non-stop action that don't last more than 2 minutes!
  • Heroes with unique abilities and over the top weapons!
  • Every hero can be unlocked for free as you progress through the game!
  • Focused on a balanced experience and easy controls!
  • Equip every hero with awesome skins and emotes.


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


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Crown Battles - Brawl Game screenshot1.png
Crown Battles - Brawl Game screenshot2.png
Crown Battles - Brawl Game screenshot3.png
Crown Battles - Brawl Game screenshot4.png
Crown Battles - Brawl Game screenshot5.png
Crown Battles - Brawl Game screenshot6.png

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Crown Battles Credits

Paulo Amaral
Game Designer, Developer

Carlos Silva
3D Artist

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks